Simple Motorcycle Guide

These 5 Accessories Should Be On Every Motorcycle Riders Checklist 

Whether you've just bought your first motorcycle or you're a veteran rider, chances are the only thing you hear right now is the call of the open road. But before you set out towards the horizon, here are 5 must-have accessories every motorcyclist needs for peace of mind curated with the help of the pros at .

Gear & Saftey  

For the motorcyclist, nothing is more important than choosing the right equipment to protect yourself and your machine. A helmet, jacket, gloves, pants, and over the ankle boots are all absolute necessities.  

Make sure the helmet is DOT certified, and don't skimp on the rest. In the world of motorcycle gear, the maxim "You get what you pay for" should be at the front of your mind.  


Once you've protected yourself, the next step is protecting your investment. Motorcycle security systems range from simple tire locks to sophisticated alarms and GPS trackers. Do a little research and figure out what's right for you.  

Tire Care 

A motorcycle will take you almost anywhere you want to go. But there is no guarantee there will be air pumps along the way. Give yourself some peace of mind by investing in a portable compressor and a pocket tire plugger. 

Dust Cover 

With any high-end piece of machinery, you'll want to keep it protected from dirt. Whether you store your bike outside or in the garage, grabbing yourself a dust cover will save you extra maintenance later.